Project Management


Project Managemet Software
(Brand TBA)

Status: Collecting feedback

Managing a small number of projects is all well and good but for those of us that manage a lot of projects at the same time, it can be a bit tricky. Especially when trying to get an easy-to-read overview of the status and history of each project, and each stage, on one page.

I've been testing my methodology for the last 8 months myself and I've managed to stick with it, so I know it works (for me at least). Depending on feedback this might go into development.

Flip Booklets

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Flip Booklets

Status: Launched February 2020

Quickly and easily create a digital PDF Flip Booklet with beautiful page turn animations to showcase your products and services online.

Trimmy Scissors

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Status: v1.0 Launched March 2019 - Currently collecting feedback for v2.0

Remove black, white or transparent space from around images, quickly and easily!

Simply upload your image(s), select the colour you want to trim off and Trimmy! You will receive your image(s) back, trimmed and zipped.

New features include auto colour detection, cropping, resizing and optimising

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Status: Launched June 2019

Are you tired of receiving images from clients that are too small to use? Us too! Get them checked automatically with our automated image screening service. Get the right size image from clients, the first time.


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Status: Collecting feedback

Terms & Conditions management, simplified. Managing multiple terms & conditions documents can be difficult, frustrating and extremely time consuming. We’re changing that with our dedicated terms & conditions management software.